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Questions on Ext. HDD encrypted with EERM

Hi all,

I know next to nothing on this topic but have been reading a little on the threads here to try to understand but I'm still confused.

I have a 1TB ext HDD (WD my passport ultra) which was out of the box formatted in FAT32

I wrote a bunch of data (107GB) from my old work laptop to the hard drive, including a 7.5GB outlook pst file. According to what I've read about FAT32 the max file size is about 4GB so I don't know how this was possible but it happened

I plugged the drive into my new work laptop which has McAfee installed and was prompted to encrypt the drive. I agreed, and specified only 100GB to be encrypted. The encryption took all of a few seconds.

When I check my drive I see all the content has been moved into a folder called "Unprotected Files" - which I expected. So far all is well.

I have a few questions/issues:

1. When I right click on the drive it now tells me the drive size is only 100GB. I guess this is because I specified this size during encryption. Am I right in assuming the other 900GB is still available in the "Unprotected Files" folder?

2. Will I still be able to write to the "Unprotected Files" folder from my home computer?

3. When I show properties of the "Unprotected Files" folder, it shows total file size as 200GB exactly - however I know that the content is actually only 107GB. Why is this?

4. When I try to copy my Outlook.pst file (7.5GB) over to the encrypted space, I get an error that there isn't enough space on the drive. I understand from research that FAT32 has a limit of 4GB, however if that is the issue, how was I able to have the file on the hard drive in the first place (which was already formatted FAT32)?

Thanks for your help to improve my understanding.



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