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Question needing answered...


- A user runs Chkdsk on a computer and it comes back with no errors.
- MEE Encryption is installed on that same computer and runs fine with no problems.
- Subsequently, the computer develops some bad sectors on the hard drive of that computer.


Will the data on that computer now be inaccessible because of the bad sectors? Does the encryption client continually check for bad disk sectors?
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RE: Question needing answered...

the data in the bad sectors will be gone for sure, but nothing else.

remember, Windows has no functions to validate writes to the disk - it just writes the data and assumes the drive will work it out as it goes. There's simply nothing in Windows to do anything more (thus all products which use the disk do nothing more either). The only way to get write validation is to use something like RAID5 which does indeed check CRC's against the copies of the data spread over multiple disks.

it's a common misunderstanding that writes are checked, simply, they are not (in Windows anyway).
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