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Question - AutoSync after ADUC password change for EE

Hey All,

First off, I am new to McAfee, and working at a new company. We are having a huge issue with our McAfee Endpoint Encryption. To explain:

We have over 10,000 Encrypted Laptops. Their Active Directory passwords are set to expire every 90 days. When they finally change their passwords (normally last minute), they change it and shut off their computers (I'm never sure why, but I can't explain their thought process ). When they go to log onto Endpoint Encryption with their new password it doesn't work (because it hasn't syncronized yet).

So, my thought was, is their a way to set the program, or run a script/policy that forces the Endpoint Encryption to sync with Active Directory after ANY password change?

If anyone has any ideas please note it here or email me!

Thanks ahead of time for any input!

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Re: Question - AutoSync after ADUC password change for EE

Your problem is not what you think - eepc does not get the password from AD, it's captured locally when the user changes it, so for the machine the user changes the password on, no sync is required.

Most likely the system is rejecting the new pwd because your complexity rules are mismatched, or you don't have it configured to capture it, or the user ids are mismatched.

It's not because of a sync issue though (on the machine the password was changed on anyway)

Start with what version of eepc though...

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