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Procedure to upgrade autodomain 5.25 to 5.60?

What is the procedure, step by step, to upgrade/update autodmain 5.25 to the latest version that currently happens to be 5.60?

We called McAfee support, and searched extensively for the process but could not find enough information.

Attached is our version 5.25 autodomain.ini file for reference.


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Re: Procedure to upgrade autodomain 5.25 to 5.60?

remember, AutoDomain is not a McAfee product, and is thus not supported by McAfee - it's a 3rd party thing.

looking at your ini file though, you should just be able to create a new file group for the new version and start using it on new machines, or you could update the files in your existing group with the new versions, and add any new files as well. Import File Set will do that for you, the same as you used to import the original versions.

Test first of course before applying to production.

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