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Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

Hi all,

     We are having the hardest time getting EEPC to work properly on the new 980 desktops from Dell.  We've seen issues in the past with the various releases (going back to Safeboot) with USB recognition in the pre-boot environment, but this has re-surfaced with the 980s.  When you restart the machine and attempt to log in via the SBFS there is no keyboard or mouse functionality via USB.  If you shut the machine down completely and power it back on this functionality is restored.  This makes the software, in essence, unusable on these machines and Dell has discontinued the predecessor to that machine, the 960.  Is there anyone else whose seen this.



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Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

Did you try to disable USB handback function via USB.ini (in 5.2.3 and later)?

Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

Hi, Peter...

    Thanks for your response.  I am currently testing this with EEPC 5.1.9.  Another tech tried this with 5.2.4 and got the same result, but he was unaware of the fix you just mentioned.  I am going to try this as soon as I can as this sounds like the problem we are having.  I this a file in the Safeboot File System or in Windows?  Thanks again for your response.

Derrick J.

Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

USB handback fix was introduced in version 5.2.3. So it won't work for 5.1.9.

Please read 5.2.3 Release Notes.

Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

I did see this on one of your previous post and looked it up.  i created the usb.ini file and imported it intro my file set.  I placed it in [SBFS]\Boot as specified.  I used the Any=Any line with BiosVendor and BiosVersion both being any.  Still did not work.  I am wondering if I have to specify a particular bios vendor and version.  Also, I tried with my bios set to enable, disable, and no boot with "always enable pre-boot USB" selected.  See anything I may have missed?

Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

On which EEPC version did you test USB.ini settings?

Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s


Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

Please post your "USB.ini". When was last successfull sync? Before or after USB.ini creation?

Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

Afterwards.  I saw the file synch toi the machine in question.  The file is attached.  Thanks for all your help on this.  I rfeally appreciate it.


Re: Problems with EEPC on Dell 980s

Did you end up resolving this issue and if so could you respond?

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