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Problem with EEFF

After upgrade of EEFF I can't encrypt files and folders.
I can't even create my local keys:

When I want to encrypt file there is only info:
Total number of unchanged items: 1

When I made diagnostics there is info:
<file name="SbCe.sys" version="MISSING" size="0" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>

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RE: Problem with EEFF

when you did the upgrade you probably didn't have enough rights.

run the exe again but do it under administrator rights.

UAC is probably getting involved.
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RE: Problem with EEFF

I tried to run as administrator. It doesn't help. I think there is problem with package which is created on server side.

?<?xml version="1.0"?>
<scan time="2009-04-06 16:50:21">
<operating_system_information friendly_name="Windows Vista">
<version major="6" minor="0" build="6001" platform_id="2"></version>
<service_pack service_pack="Service Pack 1">
<version major="1" minor="0"></version>
<suite value="VER_SUITE_SINGLEUSERTS">Terminal Services is installed, but only one interactive session is supported.</suite>
<os_type value="VER_NT_WORKSTATION">The system is running Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows NT 4.0 Workstation.</os_type>
<computer_information computer_name="KCM">
<computer system_language="00000415" domain_controller="\\JIMI" domain_name="CORPONET" lan_root=""></computer>
<drive root_path="C:\" volume_name="Vista" serial_number="DEE2CEB7" max_component_length="255" file_system_name="NTFS" drive_type="DRIVE_FIXED">
<file_system_flag name="FS_CASE_IS_PRESERVED"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FS_CASE_SENSITIVE"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FS_UNICODE_STORED_ON_DISK"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FS_PERSISTENT_ACLS"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FS_FILE_COMPRESSION"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FILE_SUPPORTS_ENCRYPTION"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FILE_SUPPORTS_OBJECT_IDS"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FILE_SUPPORTS_REPARSE_POINTS"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FILE_SUPPORTS_SPARSE_FILES"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FILE_VOLUME_QUOTAS"></file_system_flag>
<file_system_flag name="FILE_NAMED_STREAMS"></file_system_flag>
<user_information user_name="Admin">
<user is_admin="yes" language="00000415"></user>
<file name="SbCe.sys" version="MISSING" size="0" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>
<file name="SbCeCd.sys" version="3, 1, 3, 9" size="83936" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>
<file name="SbAlg00.sys" version="5, 1, 7, 0" size="7472" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>
<file name="SbAlg01.sys" version="5, 1, 7, 0" size="7728" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>
<file name="SbAlg11.sys" version="5, 1, 7, 0" size="22992" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>
<file name="SbAlg12.sys" version="5, 1, 7, 0" size="45040" location="C:\Windows\system32\Drivers"></file>
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RE: Problem with EEFF

maybe - export that file from the file group you created for the install package and see how big it is (or look at the properties at least).

If it's 0 bytes, import it again.
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RE: Problem with EEFF

I found solution.
After upgrade I updated file groups only once.
Today I do it once again and it updated sbce.sys after this update the package is ok, and everything works fine happy
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