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PreBoot Screensaver?

Is there any word on future releases having a built in screen saver option for the preboot login?

in other words, if a machine reboots in the middle of the night and then sets at the MEE preboot login for a week because the person is on vacation, there is a good chance that the MEE preboot login screen will burn into the users monitor.
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RE: PreBoot Screensaver?

Any answer on this one? Customers are asking.


RE: PreBoot Screensaver?

Better yet, machine should power off automatically if nobody logs in for, let say, 5 minutes. That would also save energy.

Re: PreBoot Screensaver?

Did we give up on this one?  Is this possible and/or on the radar?

Re: PreBoot Screensaver?

I guess personal computers are not suppose to sit at pre-boot. If they occasionally do, it is not suppose to happen too often. Therefore no need for pre-boot screen saver.

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Re: PreBoot Screensaver?

Did you talk to your account manager, or submit an FMR? Remember, this is a community forum, not an official McAfee interface.

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