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Level 7

Power/network failure during synchronisation

Before we undertake some tests ourselves with some test PCs does anybody know what the possible consequences are of either pulling the power cord or disconnecting the network cable during a synchronisation, particularly during a heavy synchronisation of users or PBA files? And what are the recovery options if there are consequences?

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Level 21

Re: Power/network failure during synchronisation

should be none, you may get the occasional machine entry in EEM which will be from the failed activation, but no ill effects.


Please post questions in the community if you want general visibility.

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Level 10

Re: Power/network failure during synchronisation

In general, none. I think we were able to trigger a BSOD crash by taking a 513 install, synching it the first time, which caused download/upgrade to 517, and then pulling the battery. Other than that one (by a tester of course), we really haven't seen any problems.

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