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Port Control 2.2.3 not detecting user or policy


I realise that this product is probably no longer officially supported but, I've just discovered a problem in my workplace with Port Control, hopefully someone can help out.

We are a Active Directory, Windows XP SP2/SP3 site.

Quite a few workstations with port control aren't picking up the default or current policy anymore, nor displaying the username.  it simply says <none> for each.  Forcing a sync yields no result.

Looking through the settings in the registry "HKLM\SOFTWARE\SafeBoot International\" everything looks the same compared to a workstation that isn't experiencing the problem.  All users are synced with AD so the usernames are the same in EEM as they are in AD.  No users have a specific policy applied to them, we just have the 1 default policy.  Although, manually specifying a policy on a user still doesn't show up on the Port Control client.

The only way I've managed to resolve this issue so far is by uninstalling port control, rebooting and then re-installing it again.  This has worked everytime.

Rather than re-deploy this software to everyone, does anybody have any ideas/suggestions as to what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.

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