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Using SB configuration Manager v4.2e and Windows version = 5.1

Windows XP Environment with Safeboot Credentials first required then Domain Credentials are prompted and required. (Not a single sign on environment)

In our environment we have Safeboot configured to not allow re-use of passwords until after 5 unique passwords have been utilized.

This restriction works when you attempt to change your password through the initial login screen of Safeboot.

When changing the domain password to a new password using (CNTRL ALT DELETE) then change password, then right clicking on the safeboot icon and selecting synchronise, it allows for reuse of old passwords.

Is this documented as something that "Should" work or is this a flaw in the product? If someone can point me towards the documentation, that would be great!

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RE: Passwords

the SBNP option uses resetpassword, so it does not pay attention to the classic SB password rules - we assume that if you tell SB to sync with the Windows password, then whatever Windows accepts should be accepted by SB.

If you want to keep them separate, don't use the SBNP option, then the Windows change password event won't promote the password into the SB environment.
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