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Password recovery

I am really a tech idiot so help me out on this, I have this personal lap top that has been encrypted by Mcafee endpoint encryption. This was done by an outsourced company that the firm I worked for had engaged.

This outsourced company had gone insolvent about a year ago.

Yesterday due to an error my laptop had shut down ( I haven't shut done this Lapps for quite a while ) and to my horror I can't recall my password which I can only vaguely recall needed a symbol and a numerical inclusive.

I tried the recovery mode which showed a challenge code that I must read out to my administrator ( now off course the administrator is no longer around). And I was wondering if I could verify my identity thru Mcafee itself or I have totally lost all data on this lappy.

The version I have is

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Re: Password recovery

Sorry. Without a password or an administrator, there's no way to access the data.

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