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Level 9

Password Change Notification Plugin

We run 5.2.5 but we're starting to play with 5.2.8.  Can someone give a brief description of the new option "EE Password Change Notification Plugin"? (SbClientPwdSyncPlugin.dll in file groups).  I just can't find any description in any notes or docs.  Not looking for a detailed technical explanation.  Thanks.

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Level 15

Re: Password Change Notification Plugin

It might have something to do with release note:

5280.5 Password timestamp synchronization issue

There was an issue where a user logging on to two different machines could have

their password reverted to a previously used one.

This has now been resolved by amending how the password change information is


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Level 7

Re: Password Change Notification Plugin

I believe that it is a new plugin that will display a 'password changed' message whenever the EEPC users' password is changed by being synchronised to a Windows (changed) password.

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