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Partition inaccessible after resize( endpoint encryption installed)

I have Endpoint encryption installed on my office laptop win XP.After resizing( using EASEUS partition manager)d:\ it became inaccessible.The error it gives is "d:\ is not accessible The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". I understand that i cannot recover the files in the hard disk (d:\) using some data recovery software because it is all encrypted.How do i recover the files on d:

Is partition resize not supported?.In vista partition resize is part of windows !!!!

I think i wrongly posted in endpoint security forums.Request moderator to delete it

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Re: Partition inaccessible after resize( endpoint encryption installed)

Resizing the partition causes changes to the MBR.  Changing the MBR while the disk is encrypted will cause the partition to become unusable.

Please refer to McAfee KB51109.

While it refers to increasing the size of the partition specifically, it states that any change to the partition will cause changes to the MBR which will render the drive unusable.

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Re: Partition inaccessible after resize( endpoint encryption installed)

I think you mean this KC article -

Actually, changing the partition size is usually harmless, as EEPC5 is written with code to understand that. McAfee dont "support" it though because it's impossible to test, and usually the machine messes up not because the partition size changed, but because certain key files got moved about during it (which is absolutely NOT supported).

The best thing to do would be to remove EEPC - that will take off the encryption, then you can wander around with the data recovery tool of choice and recover the data. How much you can get back depends on how this EASEUS tool works - if it moved the data within Windows through the encryption driver, then you should recover everything. If it did it outside in some "boot" stype environment, you might not get anything back.

They are the best people to speak to of course, since it seems that the root problem was their product.

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