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Level 9

Not able to recover data

I have performed all the steps like remove Safeboot; Force Decryption with sectors information but after complition of the force decryption successfully we are not able to get the data backup, the steps i have performed is like

> I have performed Workspace function to ensure SDB file but i am not able to get proper out put like " A Disk read error NTLDR missing......." but engineer is asking that the file they are using is ok but still we are not able to get the data.

Initially there were OS isssue and Mcafee screen was there but after reseting EEPC MBR for the first time i am getting ":errror in loading OS" we did tried to take backup with wintech procedure (Recovery tool) but no luck from starting.

Note :

> While normal boot i am getting "error in loading OS"

> Whiel reseting EEPC MBR 2nd time "error in reading disk sector"

> While mount sbfs as drive "Safeboot client not activated"

IS there any hope on this case please help me out

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Level 21

Not able to recover data

did you check the partition boot sector decrypted properly BEFORE doing the force decrypt?

If you proceeded without this test, then indeed things could be hard to rescue - you may have used the wrong SDB file, in which case you need to re-encrypt, then decrypt with the correct file.

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Level 10

Not able to recover data

we having issue like this when site it try to recover without knowing what are they doing..

which at the end cause much damage that it's should

My sugestion to be carefull and log everything you;re doing..

you need full understanding on what is MEE before doing recovery..

So to point what have got worng could you tell us from the begining on what is wrong and what step have you taken?

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