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Network issues after installing EEPC


We have a HP 2530p which we installed EEPC on. After installation both networks (LAN, WLAN) gets status "Limited or no Connectivity".
We have all latest drivers for this machine, and it works great without EEPC.

This sure doesn´t sound like a EEPC problem, but we have tryed everything and just after installing EEPC the network becomes "Limited or no Connectivity".

If you restart the machine with network cable in it, it works fine. If you want to switch to WLAN it directly turns into status "Limited or no Connectivity" even i we change back to cable it also ends up with "Limited or no Connectivity". So the network is fine just after restart and if you dont switch between LAN/WLAN.

Anyone who has an idea of what this could be?

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RE: Network issues after installing EEPC

I have used the 2530's and I'm pretty sure there's a setting in the BIOS that does something funky with the network. I think it was under power settings, but I think it basically reduced power or disabled WLAN when there was a hard connection. We had trouble with it and wound up turning it off, I suggest you poke around the BIOS as well.

I can't see how EEPC would break the NIC, but maybe you updated your BIOS before you installed the SBClient and that reset something in the BIOS?
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