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Network at Login?


With the device encyrption, when you get the login screen before the hard drive boots up you don't have any network connectivity, so it can see the server for any changes etc. Is it possible to get it to work so it has network connectivity so when at the login screen if any changes have occured it can syncronise?

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RE: Network at Login?

Sorry no. It would require a huge ammount ofcode and open up a lot of potential holes. You'd have to install network drivers etc, and what about wireless networks, hotel sign in with a browser etc?
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RE: Network at Login?

Well, a network feature at the boot level would mean network driver availability at PXE level (to be provisioned in the server BOOTP); then the server to manage TFTP to pass on the information back to the client; something like a mini RIS authentication... (Remote Installation Service).

If you have a VPN solution in your company, then a client synchronization can also be initiated after you login to the network. Synchs are extremely fast and not at all network hungry.
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