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Multiple Server Names

When we go to create an online installation set of MEE v5, we are prompted to select the database.  We have 4 entries for the same database (we only have one MEE server), the first two entries are the machine name of the server (let's call it SERVER1), then the next two entries are the fqdn (, all with the same IP address.  However, the installation set only appears to work if we choose the last of the four items.

So my question is: how to we safely get rid of the other two, without damaging our MEE installation and the couples years worth of data?


MEE verion

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Re: Multiple Server Names

When you create install set you have an option to select which online server to use. Pick (check) only one that is right (works for you). You may also edit SDMCFG.INI on the system you create install set, to have only valid references, PRIOR to creating install set.

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Re: Multiple Server Names

Servers are listed under the SERVERS section on the SYSTEM tab of the Endpoint Encryption manager.  Each one may have a unique key to be used by the clients in communicating with the server, so I'd definately ping support before you delete any from there.  Someone might have mistakenly created a few and they ended in the INIs.

If you pull the wrong ones from the SDMCFG.INI you should only see the one left when you create your client from the console.  Make a backup of the INI first.

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