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Move Existing EEM to a New Server

I need to move my existing EEM server to a new host.  I'm told all I need to do is install EEM on the new server then copy over all files from Endpoint Encryption Manager folder on the exisitng server to the new host.  Is that really all there is to it? Anything I need to watch out for? 

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Re: Move Existing EEM to a New Server

Depending what stays the same and what changes and move strategy. So far you did not include any details.

Did you look up upgrade/migration documents and KB articles already?

Re: Move Existing EEM to a New Server

No, haven't read them yet.  I don't plan to change anything but the host which will retain the same FQDN as the current EEM host. Move strategy is basically install EEPC on the new host then move the Endpoint Encryption Manager folder from current EEM to new host.

Re: Move Existing EEM to a New Server

I've attached a doc that walks you through it. Pretty straightforward. I believe I have one with more details lying around somewhere.

Re: Move Existing EEM to a New Server

Thanks alot Carlos!

Re: Move Existing EEM to a New Server

No problem!

Like peter said there are other docs and articles floating around but it sounds like you're doing a fairly simple migration.

Good luck!

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