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Missing Machine object from the database


We have a laptop installed with safeboot, the client has encrypted the local drive, however it is failing to synchronize with the server and returns an error "Object Not Found". I tried to search for the machine on the server but no go. Found no Orphaned objects, machine is not in the deleted machines list as well. Seems like the object was deleted permenantly. However I tried to search for the object in the backups (dating couple of years back) but could not find one. I tried to add a machine in the group manually and configured the settings, added the user to it and tried doing a Force Sync bu that does not work and returns the same error "Object not found" and the only option seems to use the safetech to decrypt the drive and uninstall safeboot, but just thought if there could be any other option apart from this.

Safeboot version: 4.2
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RE: Missing Machine object from the database

Looks like the machine object was deleted permanently, shortly after it was installed.
If that object is gone, so is the machine key from the database. So the only way back is to use SafeTech as you are doing, and using the user's credentials to authenticate to allow removal. Then when you reboot the client software will think it's a new install and add a machine object (or use the emtpy one you created).

Maybe best to delete the new object you created to start from fresh before you do that.
If data is important maybe back it up first whilst you can before you use SafeTech.

By the way you cannot simply create a new machine for the current issue as this will be a brand new "empty" object (it will have a different object ID if you check) so will not be associated with the old machine and will not have the machine key stored in there either.

You can find the local machine's ID for example by starting to do a "machine recovery" on the client, as you start you will be able to read the machine's object ID just under the recovery code (no need to continue with the recovery).
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RE: Missing Machine object from the database

With that object ID, you could check the audit of all admin ID's and see who/when the object was deleted.
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RE: Missing Machine object from the database

Thanks for all your help.. I was able to restore the machine from the backup and now it syncs well.
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