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Migrating Endpoint Encryption actual server to a new one

Hi all;

For the purposes of a test to prevent problems if the actual installation crash, I try to migrate a database to a new physical server. I was newbie with that product, not an administrator so I have questions about the procedure I use to do that.

I Explain:

Actually, I have a running serveur who contains both real users and real machines. The administrator here, asks me to perform backup tests and wants me to migrate the actual database data to another physical server. Before I run into that, I take time to explore McAfee Knowledge base and I find the article that seems to suits my needs. The corporate knowledgebase ID: KB60892 explain many solutions that depends on the status of the server who receive the data.

I have followed step after step that procedure but at some step, I run into errors that causes me headaches. Can someone help me to get the results I want?

Thank you to all to collaborate to this thread;


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Re: Migrating Endpoint Encryption actual server to a new one

You have two options:

1. Stop using production data to perform early testing. Setup completely separate testing environment to practice backup procedures and familiarize yourself with the product.

2. Obtain McAfee professional help and/or training