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Migrating Domains

We are using McAfee Endpoint Encryption 5.1.6. Shortly, we will be migrating users and systems to a new active directory. we are hoping to script the transfer. The Safeboot server can stay in the original AD and we have no problem inserting the new users onto the systems. My concern is however if we migrate the systems will this have an impact on the Safeboot client communicating with the server or is it just the netbios shortname that matters (as a pose the fully qualified name). If the computer name is important, is there anyway of migrating systems to the new AD without having to uninstall then re-install the client and encryption? As we have about 500 systems and 800 users this may prove an issue and temporary security weakness as we migrate and remove the encryption.

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Re: Migrating Domains

You do not need to reinstall client. How do create users? Via AD connector?

Then you could remove existing user objects binding and re-bind them after new connector (to new AD) is up. I assume that imported user names stay the same.

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