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Mcafee Endpoint Encryption 5.2.9 with Win7 - No Windows Login Box on Lenovo T420s

Hi Everyone,

I administer mcafee endpoint encryption in our enterprise.

Our 500 users are primarily using Lenovo laptops of various generations.

We have encountered a problem related to our latest model of Lenovo, the T420s

Some of these laptops, about 20-25% are exhibiting login problems.

All these models are on freshly ghosted Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit encypted with MEEPC 5..2.9, they have SSD drives in compatibility mode.

After entering the initial boot login, if SSo is not activated, the user arrives to where they would login to windows and no login box appears.

If single sign on is activated the laptop just hangs with the Corporate background where "Welcome" would normally appear and continue loading.

In Some cases the Ctrl Alt Del dialogue will show up but when pressed takes you just to the background with no login box.

I have tried with the 'require relogon to Endpoint Encryption' enabled and disabled.

I have tried with every combination of the machine settings activated and disactivated.

I have tried force locking and synching from the server.

I have removed and recreated the user accounts.

I have done a complete remove and reboot, and full reninstall several days later only to have problem come back.

Sometimes after synching and rebooting and changing the SSO options, the laptop will boot a bunch of times in a row so I think its fixed,

but the user just comes back a day or so later with the same issue.

The problem is intermittent, sometimes after rebooting 10 times you will be allowed in.

Sometimes after a few days or even weeks of no problems a user will suddenly stop having the login box.

The problems is not affected by networks status (on or off the network), wireless or hard wire dont seem to matter either.

If the user gets as far as the 'Welcome' you know its good and they can login with our without SSO.

I have combed the event logs on working and non working machines, on the 420's and on older models to compare.

I have not found consistent errors in the logs in anycase.

We are using Avira as our antivirus and all users are very locked down with GPO and Applocker so no crap installed, no viruses.

Any suggestions? 

Lastly I replaced a recurring users laptop with a fresh one, same model, and am waiting for feedback.

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