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McAfee encrypted removable USB drive

Hi all

We have had a spate of our McAfee encrypted drives not responding.

When plugged in to our network computers there is no pop up for password.

If we use explorer to open the drive and double click MfeEERM.exe nothing happens.

There is nothing showing in the event logs or McAfee logs that I can see,

What makes it weirder is if I plug the same drive into a machine with FRP installed, it tells me I have inserted an unencrypted drive and do I want to encrypt it.

If I click yes, there is no available space to encrypt as it is already encrypted.

I can then plug the drive in to a stand alone laptop and again, MfeEERM.exe still won't work.

Agent is




Various OS incl Windows 7, 7x64 and 10

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: McAfee encrypted removable USB drive

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