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McAfee Service Crashes


I have an issue with the McAfee Service that allows clients to communicate with the server on port 5555. The problem is that i find the service has crashed multiple times and the event log entry simply states that the service was terminated unexpectedly.

I also confirm that no other service / application is using port 5555 on the same server.

Could anyone help me out with this?




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Re: McAfee Service Crashes

What is exact message? Were there also any particular conciding events?

You can make service autorestart on failure to make it more resilient.

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Re: McAfee Service Crashes

Do you have the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Database Server service logging on as a Local System Account or a specified user account? It may be a problem with the credentials such as password expiration. Did the path to the executable SbDbServer change recently?

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Re: McAfee Service Crashes

I had the same problem.  It turned out to be the HP Data Protector service running on the same port.  Check that you don't have any apps running on your server that use port 5555.

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