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McAfee FRP decryption of files on a network drive

Hi, does anyone here has experience with decypting large amounts of data originally encrypted with ePO FRP location based policy. I currently try do decrypt some network folders using the original policy but with it's parameters changed to decrypt. So far I have been only partially successfull. Some folders are decrypted, others still are not. We are talking here about one policy affecting hundreds of GB of data. I assume decrypting this much files will take time, but does anyone know I way to monitor the progress of decryption, aside from arbitrary choosing folders to open and looking if the still have the encryption padlock on them? I find that inefficent and honestly having doubt if the decryption is making any progress. I would hope perhaps there is a logfile somewhere stating what file FRP has recently encrypted/decrypted.

Thank you in advance for providing any advice or you own observations of this process.

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