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McAfee EndPoint Encryption + HDD bad sectors / OS boot issues.


I need to recover data from my official laptop. This is a fully encrypted disk with End Point as I am told by IT guys.

Companies IT team could not recover the data because they had got some error at the end of the decryption process. Primary reason for this is believed to be bad sectors on the drive.

I am now left with the drive only, with no other information on the key, software version etc. Not even the original laptop. As I am provided with another one from the company.

Have some 3 years of my work on the drive, Could you please advice what can be done to recover the data.


Gaurav Varshney

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Re: McAfee EndPoint Encryption + HDD bad sectors / OS boot issues.

It's not possible for you to recover data on your own - you need the help of your IT team, as only they have the keys for their drive.

If you can find out exactly what they did, and what error they got, we may be able to suggest steps, but it's not something you can do without their help.

If they decrypted the drive though with the correct key, you'll be able to copy the files off it.

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