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I have installed EEPC 5.2.2 and everything is working great.  Now I need to install the EEFF.  Here are my 2 questions

1) Is there a way to push out the files from the management console so when the users synch the EEFF installs?

2) The previous version we had was 4.2, we used Safeboot CE and users have several files that are encrypted.  Will the new EEFF use the same credentials and be able to decrypt the encrypted files?



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Re: McAfee EEFF

Hello Matt,

Regarding your 1st question, the way to push the files from the management console is exactly the same that you used to install EEPC 5.2.2. I mean, this version thas not include any tool to push the installation set from the Management Console.

I'm not sure about your 2nd question. I guess that if the software and the user has access to the keys, it should be able to decrypt the files. However, I'll test it before in a test environment, as this encrypted information is normally very important to make things to it without being sure which will be the results.



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