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McAfee EEFF support for Server OS

Hello Everyone(McAfee Team).

As per Master Article (Supported environments for McAfee products) McAfee EEFF client(Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders) is not supported on Server OS,

So my question is will this be supported in next release??....As are planning to Encrypt External HDD which are used for BackingUp the Data & which is 24x7 connected to Server. Earlier we thought for EERM(Encryption for Removable Media) but it had limitations, as while encrypting using EERM it formats External HDD & converts it's File System to FAT32 and which has limitations of 4GB, So please help me if there is any way to carryon with this situation. Else release supported version of EEFF for Server OS.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: McAfee EEFF support for Server OS

No, there are no plans to support the server OS versions with this product, as it's designed for endpoints. You can submit a feature request though through your platinum support person?

EERM does not format the end media though - it creates a file on the media which appears in Windows as a FAT32 drive, the underlying storage remains the same. The file limit in the container is as you say, limited by FAT32 though.

EEFF may work fine on servers, but it does not go through any testing, and would be considered "unsupported" if you had a problem.

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