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McAfee Drive encryption

Hi. I have problem regarding McAfee drive encryption. One of user’s laptop had problem, so I need to decrypt to retrieve data. Is there tools make the laptop’s harddrive as external drive and decrypt from another computer? We used Drive encryption 7.10.

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Re: McAfee Drive encryption

Moved to EEM managed forum I think this a better place to get an answer than the community help area.

Re: McAfee Drive encryption

Your best bet is to keep the hard drive in the same computer, and boot up off of a McAfee EETech (DETech) recovery disk.  Once in the recovery disk, you can unlock the drive, and copy files off of it, or decrypt the drive completely.  All of this info is in the McAfee documentation for EEPC / DE.

Or better yet, use the EZ-series of utilities, located here: 

Hope this helps!

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