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MEE with "Dynamic" Disk..

Hi All

We encounter some issue with Dynamic disk..

1) 1 Machine with 1 disk and whole disk is "Dynamic" with 2 partition C: and D:. It's turn out that MEE did encypt C: partition (even it's dynamic) but did not encrypt D: partition

2) 1 machine with 2 disk 1-Basic with C: partition and 2nd disk Dynamic with D: & E: partition. Turn out C: partition encrypt and D & E not.

My Question/Puzzled:

McAfee KB KB74757 said it's does not work on "Dynamic" Disk however it's manage to encrypt C: partition on Dynamic disk?

I;m curios if it's can encrypt C: why it's not encrypt the D: partition as well?

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Level 21

Re: MEE with "Dynamic" Disk..

dynamic disks span volumes, but the EEPC kernel only knows how to look up sector ranges for standard disks, so when it asks for the range of C:, it will only get the sector locations for the first partition.

That's why as per the release notes, dynamic disks are not supported (and they don't work either).

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