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Looking for info on Safeboot content encryption


We are being supplied with SafeBoot and one of its functions will be to encypt attachments for e-mailing. I've found reference to 'SafeBoot Mail' and 'Safeboot Content Encryption' but no current supporting information. Is this functionality still part of SafeBoot? How well does it integrate with Outlook? Is the attachment self-decrypting?

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RE: Looking for info on Safeboot content encryption

I havnt found any mention of an email extension in the safeboot manual (SafeBoot Management Center for PC 5.0) or the knowledgbase but you can use on demand file encryption from machines with safeboot installed to encrypt a file and then when this is accessed by someone they are prompted for a UN/pw to decrypt it even though they dont run safeboot themselves (this also has optional RSA key functionality to allow decyption if uncryption un/pw has been lost)

RE: Looking for info on Safeboot content encryption

Thanks for that - looks like it will do the job though perhaps not as conveniently as, say, Winzip's e-mail companion?
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