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Login Screen Freeze's

A user can login to the laptop from the first safeboot screen ok. However when they attempt to login the second time to access the network, they are presented with the 'normal' windows login screen, not the safeboot login screen they should get.

The laptop let's them login, but then freezes on another safeboot screen, that asks about single sign on. It looks like the screen is corrupt as the mouse moves slowly and keep disapearing from the screen?

Has anyone come across this before? As the only way we can see to get round this problem is to rebuild the laptop?
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Level 7

RE: Login Screen Freeze's

few questions to clarify exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

1.) are you trying to use SSO?
2.) do you have any other MEE product like MEE for File and Folders or Content Encryption that you are trying to login with?
3.) you say the screen freezes on a single sign on screen? Not sure what you are talking about here?

What normally happens if you use SSO is that the user logs on to MEE to start with, then logs onto Windows and if SSO is enabled it syncs the two up so to speak so that the next time you login it only takes your MEE login to get you all the way into windows.

not sure what the second MEE login could be unless its for MEE for File and Folders ... more info needed.
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