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Local Recovery Registration Question

I just upgraded a laptop from Safeboot 5.1.3 to Endpoint Encryption 5.2.4. In the process of upgrading the encryption scheme, I created a new account to be used with this laptop, and made sure to enable the Local Recovery feature for the user account. Because the account was brand new, a password change was required at first login. After that password change, the laptop went straight to Windows.

I thought that I understood that in order for local recovery registration to initiate, a password change was required. This doesn't seem to be the case. We rebooted, had the user change the password again, and still no registration prompt. A third reboot, and login to EE, the first question for local recovery came up. I am going to have to rethink how the upgrade process should go to ensure that local recovery regstration will occur without issue.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Local Recovery Registration Question

Can you check/post SbClientLog.txt ?

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