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RE: Local Machine Databases

can you elaborate? AutoDomain does so many things now. What were you looking for - the competitive check, machine provisioning, user provisioning?

Did you participate in the v6 beta? If not you might not realize its a totally different product - it's not an upgrade of v5, it's a ground-up new product.

RE: Local Machine Databases

Elaborate? I think we were discussing EEPC ability to add users to machine (and synch it with SBFS) upon discovering new Windows user in the local Windows cache.

No, I did not have time to touch v6 beta. I heard this one expires on October 31, will be there another eval?
Are you trying to say that v6 has that functionality that I have mentioned above?
Reliable Contributor SafeBoot
Reliable Contributor
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RE: Local Machine Databases

No, there won't be another beta - we are almost at release stage.

I don't believe EEPC6 will care about cached users, but you can assign users based on LDAP group memberships - that will probably work in your situation.

RE: Local Machine Databases

Looks like this is addressed in v6 with the 'Add local domain users' option?

"This option allows other users from the same domain to log on to this system."

I did not test this functionality since it's not something we utilize.

RE: Local Machine Databases

We have a number of Security logons which can log onto any machine within the organisation. But in effect if you dont tie the user into a group against their own machine, the user can log onto any other machine in that group with their username and password.

Secure? Not Really..... sad
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