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Language on the SBClientManager menu's


We have deployed EEPC 5.2 to Windows 7. The W7 is original English version, but with the Norwegian MUI Pack added. Alle localized settings in W7 is set to Norwegian.
The menu items (SHow Status and Syncronize) on the sbclientmanager is in English.

Does this make the selection based on the same prinsippal as the Preboot Language selection? ( Here I had to manually put in the (Settings) section in the Language filegroup locale.ini because the GetOSLanguage script I got from you some time ago showed 409 also after adding the Norwegian MUI Pack)

I have also upgraded a XP klient with Norwegian OS running 5.1.7, and it is after the upgrade showing English menus here also. This was in Norwegian just before

Can you fill me in on this?
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RE: Language on the SBClientManager menu's

yes/no - the same logic is followed, but it looks in the client dir\languages\xxxx directory (where XXXX is the language ID code).

Unless the OS is reporting it's in Norwegian, the English files will get loaded. You can fox it I guess by copying the .lng files from 0014 to 0009.
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