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Keyboard Layout in End point encryption

I have a little query Is there any link between keyboard layout of the Local System with one selected in Mcafee End point encryption.

Problem is the Keyboard layout is getting changed in Endpoint Encryption 5.1. We have recently migrated to this newer version and

i am just trying to sortout this issue . If i have US layout selected on local machine and UK in End point is there any relation between them?

Please assist !!!1


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Re: Keyboard Layout in End point encryption

the client will try to pick the most appropriate layout during activation, but, if it's already activated, (like during an upgrade) it won't change the layout.

most likely you are deploying a new language pack to the machine and as per design, it's taking over the keyboard (assuming that because you are deploying it, you want to use it).

you can use the fixlocale.vbs script to fix this, or you can upgrade to the current version of the product which does not make new language packs activate on deployment.

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