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Issues with using MS EFS and McAfee EEPC on the same computer


I have been told by our workstation team and an email that they rec'd from McAffee Tech support that Microsoft EFS and McAfee EEPC cannot be used on the same computer. This is a major issue as we need to install some software  (NICE Call Recording Encryption) that only uses MS EFS.

Can anyone confirm or deny this or have a workaround? From what I have been told McAfee is aware of this and IS NOT working on a solution.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

Below is a copy of the email


Hi Robert,

This is regarding SR # 3-1371487601 "Compatability of McAfee EEPC with Microsoft EFS"

I tried calling you to answer your queries and left a voicemail for you. With reference to your previous email, yes you are correct even if you have a MS EFS using on a workstation even if there's only one folder using EFS the McAfee EEPC will have some malfuntioning.

Hence you cannot use McAfeee EEPC and MS EFS both in a single machine.

Case Status: Pending confirmation.

Thank you for contacting McAfee Gold Support. Have a nice day.


Manjunath Kanchugar

Tier 1 Support Engineer

McAfee Inc.

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Re: Issues with using MS EFS and McAfee EEPC on the same computer


We use EFS on every laptop, and haven't seen any issues that are caused/related to the combination of products.

Recoveries can be more challenging, since the only tool I'm aware of to backup/copy EFS'd files is NTBackup. We use our own WinPE CD, w/ WinTech, NIC drivers, and NTBackup on it in order to recover data.

Repairs/Eboots still work fine w/ SafeTech CD.

Note: We only encrypt selected files/folders within each users profile, so most of the drive is not EFS encrypted.

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