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International Keyboards

Hi Everyone -

I'm curious how you're all handing multiple keyboard types in your environment. We have not only the standard US Keyboards, but about 6 others. They all look supported by the software, so I thought I could just load them all and the driver for the connected keyboard would load, but I ended up with a Swedish keyboard in pre-boot when I have a US keyboard connected to the system.

Unless there's a better way, I've considered making US the default (all current users are US keyboards) and then having the installation script get the keyboard layout code, and then use SbAdmCl to remove the US keyboard and apply the appropriate one.

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RE: International Keyboards

if all the keyboards are there prior to activation, the system will pick the right one based on the Windows keyboard.

If you add them AFTER activation, the system assumes you want to use that keyboard RIGHT NOW and activates it for you.

there's a simple ini file change you can make (in the locale.ini for each language - defaultkeyboard/language) to turn this auto-activation off. Just remove those lines.
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