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Installation scenario (is this possible?)

I work for an org which supports many other orgs (schools) and is looking to advise on an encryption solution

our customers are not technical
our customers do not have large resources

can we (over wan) manage and enforce policies for McAfee Endpoint Encryption using EPO for hundreds of sites not part of our domain?

imagine possibility of 300 sites each with 3-5 laptops we would need to bring into this policy. some site have their own domain, some are standalone, some are workgroup. We would want to enable:

  • FDE
  • FLE
  • offline recovery / challenge response recovery
  • centralised key management
  • usb port control

I understand EPO / McAfee Endpoint Encryption can do this for a domain but what about this scenario?

If this is possible what would the EPO server spec we would need to power this?

Further, we already provide Mcafee Endpoint Antivirus to these sites, not centrally managed (each site with VirusScan Enterprise installed). should encryption be possible we might pull av into the overall EPO, so in addition to the 300 sites, 1000 devices for encryption add on each of the 300 sites 10 av clients. how big spec then for our epo server?

Thanks for your time grin
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