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Install or remove EERM using ePO

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if you can install or remove EERM\EEFF using ePO. Currently I deploy EERM using SCCM but there is no way to silently remove it from the system. I thought i've read a post on this forum indicating that it can be installed and removed using ePO - is this true or does anyone have experience doing this?

I'm using ePO 4.5 and EEFF\RM version 3.2.5



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Re: Install or remove EERM using ePO

You can install EEFF through ePO, but not remove it. The instructions on how to do it are in the documentation pack alongside the product?

Re: Install or remove EERM using ePO

thanks for the reply, i've read throught the documentation before, i guess i missed that part, i will have another look... Do you happen to know of any automated way to remove via a script or third party tool?


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