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Install EEPC Console from deployment tool

Hi All,

I'm trying to install our EEPC Management console using an unattended package and have so far hit a brick wall. I've tried throwing switches at the setup.exe but it seems to ignore everything. I've since come across miniadmin and have run this on an existing install of 5.2.5. It has produced a miniadmin exe at the end but I cant see what I'm suposed to do with it. It doesn't install the console and I'm at a loss. We are prepairing to deploy to 50+ helpdesk staff and I really dont want to have to do this manually.

All help greatfully received!


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Re: Install EEPC Console from deployment tool

just install the full admin off the distribution media, when it gets to the db creation phase, just hit cancel and create a connection to your current server.

Miniadmin is used by a lot of people to make a package though - you are meant to run the package on another computer of course ;-)

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Re: Install EEPC Console from deployment tool

Don't distribute. Install it on TS or Citrix server. You will be grateful for that choice.

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Re: Install EEPC Console from deployment tool

I concur Peter.  I distributed when we first rolled this out and regretted that decision. ( I was clinging to the hope that this would all be migrated to ePO by now.)  Locally installed consoles are quite the administrative hassle.  We recently updated to 5.2.5 and switched everyone over to use Citrix at that time.  Ahh. Much better.  And, yes, I've accepted this will not be managed from ePO anytime soon.

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