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Hp protecttools encryted hard drive recovery

HP Probook 4530s

My HP laptop hard drive was encrypted using the HP Protecttools encryption software.  I did some research and found out that this is the McAfee Endpoint Encryption software.  My issue is that my 8 month old baby boy pulled the laptop off the counter and it won't boot up now.  I would like to retrieve the data from the hard drive but I can't figure out how to do that with the data encrypted.

I have the recovery .dat file that was created when I first turned on the encryption.  I tried using the HP disktech 2011 recovery tool, and I really thought I was on to a solution.  But I ran into this error:


I googled this error and the description I found is that the software cannot find the encrypted drive.  My theory is that this program (disktech) is meant to be run from a computer where the user forgot their password.  So it is looking for the C: drive.  Obviously, my computer does not start, so I have the hard drive plugged into a different computer with a SATA to USB converter.  The recovery software cannot find this hard drive on the USB outlet. 

Am I on the right path?  Does anyone know how to get it to see my encrypted hard drive on the USB connection?

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Re: Hp protecttools encryted hard drive recovery

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McAfee Employee

Re: Hp protecttools encryted hard drive recovery

If the system is only 8 months old, the HP Protect Tools should be newer than 2011. Although the backend of HP Protect Tools and McAfee Drive Encryption are the same, the functionality is somewhat different and the recovery tools are available from HP.

However, it appears the disk itself may be inoperable and the recovery tool will not be able to decrypt the disk if it is physically damaged. I would suggest opening a case with HP to provide guidance on verifying the state of the hard disk and provide the correct tools to decrypt the drive.

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Re: Hp protecttools encryted hard drive recovery

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