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How-to recover Safeboot/MBR

I did not know how it was happenin, but after a power outage, I got a failing as follows:

1. power-up OK

2. bios OK

3. before the safeboot menu rose up: << Missing Operative System>>

I could not get in with my safeboot credentials I have got.

MBR issues ? I think so but with SafeBoot I really know isn't a piece of cake what matters !

Thereabouts I'm seriously afraid it never be recovered from that <<since the Safeboot Menu could not be risen>>.

I heard the Safetech utility just can skeep the safeboot, only if its records within the MBR are valids.

I read thru your archive posts, should it be there some chance to recover from that trouble, as the encryption process

could be not finished as when the accident happened.

I read something about SBFS.exe capable to get out to the EPTs...!?

TIA and Regards.


P.S Forgetting

Here the software package I have: SafeBoot 4.2.12

Besides, I have got the CRYPTO KEY  (file.SBD) the IT Admin provided me.


Please to whom it may have the knoweledge...I am in a nightmare trap, I need to deliver a 6-month job package, and the backup I have do not cover the last month

that matter on the lane...

TIA to whoever might help me.

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Re: 0xe002000a [How-to recover Safeboot/MBR]

Using Wintech/Safetech I got

the error codes


I read and heard that this conditions claims a Disk Information not present.

Basically the SafeBoot Boot loader record doesn't get any information from the FS table of disk.

Partition should be corrupted.

MCAFEE support documentation is suggesting to have a CD-booting with the Safetech (no Wintech/Safetech)

emergency disk.

Thank you in advance to whom is willing to help me solved this nightmare.


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