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How to create a Recovery Disc McAfee EEM 5.2.2


I’d like to create a SafeTech boot disk for my McAfee. I found this tutorial on the internet, but it does not exactly apply to my case, as the instructions are correct up to point 3. Then I get this selection window which can be seen in the appendix.

When i press ok, it creates two files on the floppy: BOOTSECT.RTT and SafeTech.RTA. Is that all i need to recover all the machines from my environment? Do i need to prepare the floppy in some way before pressing ok?

Will this work?

Thanks in advance


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Re: How to create a Recovery Disc McAfee EEM 5.2.2

You need just to FAT format recovery floppy, no DOS installation is needed.

Then create SafeTech floppy the way it is described. It will be made bootable by creation utility.

Boot systems from that floppy, it should run SafeTech automatically.

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