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How to change screen saver logo. (EEPC5.2.x question)


I want to change screen saver log from "McAfee" to another one.

Following steps are reasonable way for it? Actually, I succeed changing screen saver logo along the way.

1. Create my logo, then saved as "logo.bmp".

2. Run Endpoint Encryption Manager.

3. In system tab, create a new file group, and named "logo files".

4. Open "logo files" properties, check "Client files" as Content.

5. Import my logo.bmp into "logo files".

6. Open logo.bmp properties, change Advanced setting to below.

     - File Type: Screen Saver

     - File Location: [WinDir]

7. Open the machine object properties, then check "logo files" as files.

8. Sync client to central server.


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Re: How to change screen saver logo. (EEPC5.2.x question)

sure - I think this is even in the manual....

but, you do know there's nothing "special" about the EEPC screen saver? You can use any screen saver you want? The only thing I guess is unique, is that it does not have any back doors or trojan code.

It does not perform any special EEPC related stuff though.

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