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How to backup/recover encryption server


I've just created a p2v of my server, which also hosts McAfee Encryption Manager. As it's quite a long proces, i'd like to backup only the databases now insted of whole server every time i'll make achange to the program. Now, my questions are:

1. How to backup and restore a McAfee EEM database?

2. How to do a recover if my database is not up to date? Do i have to use the recovery floppy for that?

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Re: How to backup/recover encryption server

everything is in one folder- SBData usually (though your admin could have put it anywhere) - as long as you have that you are golden. Capture the folder that SBAdmin.exe is in as well and you have everything - there's nothing in the registry except schedules for the connectors and backup tool.

if your db is not up to date, then you can have problems, I would cross that bridge when you come to it. Worst case you're going to have to push the machine revision numbers up so they start paying attention to policy changes again. You can do that with a script of course.

machines/users which are not in your backup of course are going to be irrecoverable, so you'll need to safetech/wintech remove and reactivate those machines.

Best to put that db on some reliable storage!

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