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How does safe boot encryption for windows XP in laptop works?


In my company latop  there is this safeboot. I enter my username/password and then the windows boots and i am logged in. I came to know from my google search  that this is a HDD encryption software from Mcafee. I want to know how come it is able to do encryption of the entire HDD without affecting the performance of the laptop. Because every time there is any read or write going to the laptop it needs to be encrypted/decrypted which means extra over head and hence performance loss. Also the username/password i entered during bootup with safeboot is passed onto the windows Active directory authentication? Is the username/password stored in disk in encrypted format (just like other files are encrypted) and passed onto the AD authentication ? How safe is this procedure to store username/password in HDD?

I am very much interested to know how safe boot performs encryption/decryption on HDD without affecting performance. How is this password can be reset by administrator ? if it can be reset by a administrator then how is it protected from misuse of this procedure from theives and hackers?

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