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How can I implement AES-NI?

So I see from the release notes for 5.2.8 that AES-NI is now available.

(This is an instruction set from Intel that provides for faster crypto functions from the CPU.)

I have a bunch of questions about this:

Can I switch my 5.2.x clients from AES (FIPS) to AES-NI?

Is there a down-side to doing this?

What's the performance impact of switching?

How would I do this in EEM?

Are there other questions I should be asking?

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Level 21

How can I implement AES-NI?

it's not formally supported, but since the AES-NI driver algorithm ships with the AES-FIPS DLL, I Imagine they are bit compatible.

Maybe just update the .dlm and .sys files on a test FIPS machine and see if it still boots?

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