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Hi i have a problem with a sony vaio

hi dear i have a problem with one laptop and is a sony vaio model vcpz2-1tgx with a solid state driver and a procesor core i7 we make a domwgrade to windows xp but when de encription is ready install and restart the computer windows xp don start only have a screen in black i have endpoint encription 5.1 somebody cant help me to fix that problem

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Re: Hi i have a problem with a sony vaio

you downgraded with EEPC active?

In that case, you need to decrypt the drive with Win/SafeTech and then recover the OS - You can't change the OS with EEPC active without a lot of intermediate steps.

Also, I don't believe that old version will work with this new device - you need 5.2.10 I expect.

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