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Help me.Error code:: Unable to locate boot code image host file

I installed SafeBoot Client in my Acer Power S01 laptop,.It seems perfectly because synchronization and encryption completed successfully.When I restart the machine,It can not start,only displays a black screen after bios LOGO. I've just reinstalled the operating system before I install SafeBoot.

2009-3-4 15:38:01 Starting SafeBoot Client Manager (v5.1.2)
2009-3-4 15:38:01 Starting synchronization
2009-3-4 15:38:02 Connecting to database: "HHTG-SAFEBOOT"
2009-3-4 15:38:02 Address=
2009-3-4 15:38:02 Port=5555
2009-3-4 15:38:02 Authenticate=Yes
2009-3-4 15:38:07 Starting boot protection installation
2009-3-4 15:38:09 Machine name = HTGZ-XUAN
2009-3-4 15:38:23 Creating new machine database entry
2009-3-4 15:38:23 Group ID=00000002
2009-3-4 15:38:47 Machine ID=0000020b
2009-3-4 15:38:51 Error [e0040008]: Unable to locate boot code image host file sectors
2009-3-4 15:38:51 Applying configuration
2009-3-4 15:38:51 Synchronization complete

Pls help me ,thanks!
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C: partition is compressed

The reason for this error message is that the root of the C: partition is compressed. Once you uncompress it (just the root folder, the rest may remain compressed), the encryption process should start to kick off.

By the way, if you enter the error code into the McAfee knowledge base (located at, you'll receive sometimes a useful article (most of the times only an error code listing with the text of the error message only and no explanation).

This one belongs to those, where you'd also have found the solution.
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